Competitorís Guide

Getting Started

This overview will help potential race participants to review and prepare for Edgartown Race Weekend. The below sections provide an overview of the steps to take to enter and prepare for Edgartown Race Weekend and provide links to detailed information on each step. As the Organizing Authority continues its race preparations, this website will be updated throughout the year with additional information; make sure to periodically check for updates. For additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Race Administrator, Margaret Passafiume at [email protected]

Choose Your Race Segments & Class

Edgartown Race Weekend contains two segments, ‘Round-the-Sound' and ‘Round-the-Island races. ‘Round-the-Sound comprises two days of coastal sprints around government marks, while ‘Round-the-Island is a clockwise circumnavigation of Martha’s Vineyard.

Most classes contain eight to ten boats, with ORC, PHRF-NE and One-Design scoring options available across spinnaker, non-spinnaker, multi-hull and double-handed divisions. Regardless of class, each yacht must have an up-to-date PHRF-NE ratings certificate to be eligible for ERW’s Special Awards. This applies to ORC and one-design classes as well.

Safety & Equipment, Crew Training

Safety is the #1 priority when racing, and Edgartown Race Weekend is no exception. 

For the Round-the-Sound' races, participating yachts must be at least 23' and do not need to be in compliance with the "Coastal" requirements. They should comply with the "Near Shore" requirements of the US Sailing Safety Equipment Requirements (US SER). 

For the ‘Round-the-Island race, it is required that participating yachts to be at least 28 feet in length and satisfy U.S. Sailing’s Coastal Safety & Equipment Requirements.  

In certain circumstances, the Organizing Authority has the discretion to grant exceptions to particular requirements if sailors can prove adequate alternatives. Exceptions are granted only on a case by case basis and must be submitted with mitigation plans to the Race Administrator for evaluation by Race and Organizing Committees. To assist race management as well as safety efforts, the Organizing Authority requires all vessels to utilize YB Trackers during racing.

The Organizing Authority also highly recommends skippers and crews complete U.S. Sailing’s Safety at Sea seminars and online modules to be fully prepared when racing off the open waters of Martha’s Vineyard.

Moorings/Docking & Accommodations

Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most popular summer vacation destinations on the East Coast of the United States. Moorings, hotels, housing and restaurants are reserved nine to twelve months ahead of the next summer season. The Organizing Authority highly recommends teams reserve all accommodations as soon as they register for Edgartown Race Weekend.

In addition to accommodations, the Organizing Authority recommends ERW participants reserve moorings or docking via Dockwa as soon as they register for racing. The Moorings, Accomodations & Logistics page on this site contains all the information participants need for ERW.

Request a mooring for RTS

Request a mooring for RTI

For additional questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Race Administrator, Margaret Passafiume at [email protected]