ERW Awards

The VENONA Trophy for the overall winner (the single best corrected PHRF-NE time) for boats with fully-crewed PHRF-NE spinnaker ratings. In the event of shortened courses where all classes are not finished at the same gate, only boats that complete the longest course are eligible for this award.

The CONCORD Cup for the monohull finisher with the lowest elapsed time.

RALPH D. OSBORNE Trophy for the innovative design finisher with the lowest elapsed time.

The UPBEAT Cup for the overall winner of the fully-crewed non-spinnaker classes.**

The EOLIS Bowl for the overall winner of the Double-Handed with Spinnaker classes.**

ALEXANDER N. ORR Trophy for the overall winner of the Double-Handed without Spinnaker classes.**

The HOBART A.H. COOK Award for the best corrected time among Service Academy entries.**

The OCEAN RACE Trophy for the best corrected time among entries by EYC members.**

A TEAM AWARD for the best corrected time of a 3-boat team from a given yacht club or Service Academy. Teams will be automatically composed of the top three finishers from any club or Service Academy.**

Additional awards may be presented at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.
** Criteria for determining corrected time for boats racing under different rating systems and/or different length courses will be subject to the discretion of the Organizing Authority.

Edgartown Race Weekend Award(s) will be given to the boat(s) with the best combined performance in the ‘Round-the-Sound and ‘Round-the-Island Races.


Prior Winners

For the winner of the Premier Class (Class A/Class I) in
Edgartown Yacht Club’s
Ocean Race Around Martha’s Vineyard Island

1938 Spookie, Harold T. White, Jr.1969 Tara, John J. McNamara1996 Idler, George David
1939 Tioga Too, H. Noyes, II & E. Noyes1970 Sorcery, James F. Baldwin*1997 Solution, John Thomson
1940 Tioga Too, H. Noyes, II & E. Noyes1971 Arieto, A.R. Schofield1998 Steam Boat, Erin Lamby
1941 Ayesha, Charles H. Jones, Jr.1972 Easy Rider, L. & T. Baker1999 Heatwave, Sal Giordano*
1946 Dorothy Q, D.M. Spencer1973 Appledore III, Dana W. Atchley*2000 Lively, Dyckman
1947 Ski Bum IV, E.G. Piper1974 Appledore III, Dana W. Atchley*2001 Bella Note, Hilton & Riker.
1948 Spookie, William Ziegler III1975 Arieto, A.R. Schofield2002 X Dimension, Dave Collins
1949 Burma, Frank Bissell1976 Yankee Girl, David Steere **2002 Lapwing, Phillip Zell
1950 Spookie, William Ziegler III1977 Patriot, U.S. Naval Academy2003 Lapwing, Phillip Zell
1951 Doris, Harold M. Lane1978 Carina, Richard Nye2004 Kinship, Frank & Tom Selldorf
1952 Doris, Harold M. Lane1979 A Scaramouche, David Steere2004 It Wasn't Me, Michael Richardson
1953 Temptation, T. Kenneth Boyd1980 Obsession, James R. Andrew2004 Ballyhoo, Wesley McMichael
1954 Sea Lion, Gilbert Verney1981 Arete, Charles L. Shumway2005 Scherherazade, Hugh Chandler
1955 Spookie, William Ziegler III1982 Robin, Ted Hood2006 Scherherazade, Hugh Chandler
1956 Temptation, T. Kenneth Boyd1983 Morning Star, John Ambrose2007 Scherherazade, Hugh Chandler
1957 Temptation, T. Kenneth Boyd1984 Robin, Ted Hood2008 Scherherazade, Hugh Chandler
1958 Temptation, T. Kenneth Boyd1985 Leda, Kim Yellott2009 Pugwash, David Murphy *
1959 Impala, James A. Farrell, Jr.*1986 Madcap, Charles Leighton2010 Moneypenny, Jim Swartz *
1960 Duet, Robert Haas & Daniel Farr1987 Cannonball, Charles Robertson2011 Pugwash, David Murphy *
1961 Impala, James A. Farrell, Jr.*1988 Obsession, Steve Nichols2012 Dreamcatcher, Stephen Kylander
1962 Nereid, Richard C. La Croix1989 Idler, George David2013 Vesper, Jim Swartz *
1963 Sayonara, Robert G. Stone, Jr.1990 Secret, Anthony Ferrigno2014 Sled, Takashi Okura
1964 Sayonara, Robert G. Stone, Jr.1991 Vigilent, Robert Bruce2015 Temptation, Arthur Santry
1965 Solution, Thor H. Ramsing*1992 Irie, Brian Cunha2016 Crazy Horse, Kevin McLaughlin
1966 Sayonara, Robert G. Stone, Jr.1993 Drumbeat, B. Renshaw & B. Brown2017 Spookie, Steve & Heidi Benjamin
1967 Solution, Thor H. Ramsing*1994 Infinity, John Thomson2018 Yankee Girl, S. Zachary Lee
1968 Sayonara, Robert G. Stone, Jr.1995 Drumbeat, B. Renshaw & B. Brown

                             2019 Irie 2, Brian Cunha 

                    2020 Lark, John Kerry
*Edgartown Yacht Club Members
** Record Holder, Original Course, 77 kmi



Various Other Division Winners
Edgartown Yacht Club’s
Ocean Race Around Martha’s Vineyard Island

1938 Blue Wing, Milton Blair

1974 Orpheus, Alexander O. Vietor*

2002 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan*

1939 Arbella, William Saltonstall

1975 Hot Foot, Charles J. Blair*

2003 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan*

1940 Dorothy Q., Frank Bissell

1976 Crockodile, J. Carter

2004 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan*

1941 Lazy Lass, Major J. Casey

1977 Spirit, L.A. Pocharski

2005 Ursus Maritimus, Jim Masiero
1946 Vicky, Lawrence Miller

1978 Spirit, L.A. Pocharski

2005 Seefest, Ira Perry 

1947 Barcarde, Talbot Baker

1979 Stampede, Weston Adams

2005 Zoomer, Bill Dingwell

1948 Departure, Edmund S. Kelly, Jr.

1979 Cross bow, E.A. Kratovil, Jr.*

2006 Seefest, Ira Perry

1949 Departure, Edmund S. Kelly, Jr.

1980 Spirit, L.A. Pocharski

2006 Zoomer, Bill Dingwell

1950 Departure, Edmund S. Kelly, Jr.

1981 Mr. Moose, W. Wakeman & R. Horan

2007 Solitude, John Amabile

1951 Jolly Pilot, W.A. Hardy

1982 Mr. Moose, W. Wakeman & R. Horan

2007 Kinship, Tom Selldorff

1952 Sirocco, George H.A. Clowes, Jr.

1983 Merrimac, R. Johnstone & W. Shore

2008 X-Dimension, David Collins

1953  Finn MacCumhaill, Robert Coulson

1984 Oceans Ahead, R.S. Cunningham

2008 Zoomer, Bill Dingwell

1954 Departure, Edmund S. Kelly, Jr.

1985 Hawkeye, Peter T. Johns

2009 Dreamcatcher, Stephen Kylander

1955 Finn MacCumhaill, Robert Coulson

1986 Alien, R.S. Cunningham

2009 Seahawk, Fred Kern

1956 Departure II, Edmund S. Kelly, Jr.

1987 Catchit, Becky Davidson

2010 Swift, Evan Berthold

1957 Criterion, Henry H. Villard*

1988 Idler, George David

2010 Godspeed, John Nugent *
1958 Gay Gull II, Robert M. Love

1989 Dragon Fire, William Steitz

2010 Experience, Harvey Howalt
1959 Mabuhay, Breckenridge Marshall

1989 Idler, George David

2011 Pugwash, David Murphy *
1960 Gay Gull III, Robert M. Love

1990 Dancer, William Steitz

2011 GutfeelingEdward Herlihy
1961 Swamp Yankee,  W. van Alan Clark

1990 Infinity, John Thompson

2011 Ceilidh, Randy Stevens
1962 Arbella, William G. Saltonstall

1991 Wild Goose,  Wakeman &  Worden

2011 Saylavee, Peter Soule
1963 Prettimarie, Hugh Bullock*

1991 Upbeat, Owen C. Smith*

2012 Wings, Richard Egan
1964 Safari, Alexander H. Bright

1992 Presto, Peter Goltra

2012 Raptor, Ed Dailey
1965 Dame of Sark, Bruce E. Barnard

1992 Upbeat, Owen C. Smith*

2012 Seefest, Ira Perry
1966 Dame of Sark, Bruce E. Barnard

1993 Coalition, Brian Tedeschi

2013 Wicked 2.0,  Douglas Curtiss
1966 Dame of Sark, Bruce E. Barnard

1993 Zoomer, William Dingwell

2013 Kinship, Tom Sellldorf
1966 Dame of Sark, Bruce E. Barnard

1994 Vigilant, Jeff Wissel

2013 Dark 'n Stormy, Ned Joyce
1966 Dame of Sark, Bruce E. Barnard

1994 Flying Cloud, Gordon McNabb

2013 Soma Holiday Frank Sutula
1966 Dame of Sark, Bruce E. Barnard1994 Raven, Gino Bottino2014 Pressure Drop, David Alexander
1967 Hot Foot, Charles J. Blair*1994 Firebrand, Jim Rogers 2015 Tenacious, Jackson Niketas
1967 Prettimarie, Hugh Bullock*1994 Vigilant, Jeff Wissel2016 Just A Friend, Clay Deutsch
1969 Hot Foot, Charles J. Blair*

1998 Zoomer, William Dingwell

2017 Aurora, Gus Carlson
1970 Swamp Yankee,  W. van Alan Clark

1999 Faial, John Pinhiero

2018 Wicked 2.0, Doug Curtiss
1971 Hot Foot, Charles J. Blair*

2000 Flying Cloud, Gordon McNabb

2019 Beau Geste, Karl Kwok
1972 Madcap, Charles Leighton

2001 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan*

2020 Hafa Adai, Eliot Shanabrook 
1973 Orpheus, Alexander O. Vietor*

2002 Dreamcatcher; Stephen Kallander

*Edgartown Yacht Club Members

For the overall winner of the Non-Spinnaker Division
Edgartown Yacht Club's
Ocean Race Around Martha's Vineyard Island

2011 Ceilidh, Randy Stevens

2012 In Deep, Bob Warren

2013 Camelot, Robert Labdon

2014 Caneel Chip Hawkins2015 Breezing Up, Roy Catignani2016 Flying Cloud II, Gordon McNabb
2017 Iniki, Paul Stafford2018 Caneel, Chip Hawkins

                        2019 Caneel, Chip Hawkins

  2020 Phantom, Joshua Dennerlein 
   2021 Iniki, Paul Stafford



The Perpetual Trophy
For Edgartown Yacht Club’s
Ocean Race Around Martha’s Vineyard Island
For Best in Class Yachts of Edgartown Yacht Club

1959 Prettimarie, Hugh Bullock1991 Upbeat, Owen C. Smith2008 Orbit, Sandy Vietor
1960 Bambi, John M. Halsted1992 Upbeat, Owen C. Smith2008 Gloria, Roger Becker
1961 Impala, James A. Farrell, Jr.1993 Upbeat, Owen C. Smith2009 Pugwash, David Murphy
1962 Prettimarie, Hugh Bullock1994 Robin Hood, Townsend R. Morey, Jr.2009 Wasque Woman, Frank Partel
1963 Prettimarie, Hugh Bullock1994 Upbeat, Owen C. Smith2009 Resolute, Bob Snyder
1964 Indecision, Joseph C. Whitney1995 Robin Hood, Townsend R. Morey, Jr.2010 Moneypenny, Jim Swartz
1965 Solution, Thor H. Ramsing1997 Upbeat, Owen C. Smith2010 Godspeed, John Nugent
1966 Prettimarie, Hugh Bullock1997 Heatwave, Sal Giordano2011 Pugwash, David Murphy
1967 Solution, Thor H. Ramsing1998 Upbeat , Owen C. Smith2011 Big Bird, Sal Giordano
1968 Solution, Thor H. Ramsing1998 Antares, Robert Donahue2012 Pugwash, David Murphy
1969 Hot Foot, Charles J. Blair1999 Heatwave, Sal Giordano2012 Good Fortune, Bill Brine
1970 Sorcery, Jas. F. Baldwin2001 Cwene II, James Sinclair2012 Antares, Robert Donahue
1971 Hot Foot, Charles J. Blair2001 Killua, James Binch2012 Big Bird, Sal Giordano
1972 Orpheus, A.O. Vietor2001 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan2013 Vesper, Jim Swartz 
1973 Orpheus, A.O. Vietor200Antares, Robert Donahue2013 Resurgo, Owen Smith
1974 Orpheus, A.O. Vietor200High Tide, Samuel Warriner2013 Surprise, Charles Hodge
1975 Hot Foot, Charles J. Blair2002 Upbeat , Owen C. Smith2013 Iniki, Paul Stafford
1976 Kahili, Townsend R. Morey, Jr.2002 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan2013 Vesper, Jim Swartz
1977 Arieto, Alexander McIlvaine2003 Godspeed, John Nugent2014 Resorgo, Owen Smith
1978 Arieto, Alexander McIlvaine2003 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan2014 Resolute, Bob Snyder
1979 Crossbow, E.A. Kratovil, Jr.2004 Godspeed, John Nugent2014 Iniki, Paul Stafford
1980 Coyote, Townsend R. Morey, Jr.2004 Dame of Sark, Stephen Donovan2015 Glisse, Twanette Tharp
1981 Gem, Townsend R. Morey, Jr.2005 BrassTacks, J. Frelinghuysen2015 Iniki, Paul Stafford
1985 Menai Swan, Barbara Giordano2005 ANTARES Bob Donahue2016 Vesper, Jim Swartz 
1986 Antares, Robert Donahue2006 Godspeed, John Nugent2016 Glisse, Twanette Tharp
1987 Yellowbird II, George Storer2006 Kilua, Jim Binch2016 Iniki, Paul Stafford
1988 Song ‘n Dance, Andreas Vietor2006 Gloria, Roger Becker2017 Iniki, Paul Stafford
1989 Fast Lane, Andreas Vietor2007 Moneypenny, Jim Swartz2018 Iniki, Paul Stafford
1990 Fast Lane, Andreas Vietor2007 Upbeat, Owen Smith                  2019 Killua, Jim Binch                                       2020 Moneypenny, Jim Swartz
  2021 Iniki, Paul Stafford 



Commodores' CONCORD CUP
For the First Yacht to Finish
the Edgartown Yacht Club’s
Ocean Race Around Martha’s Vineyard Island

2001 Cwene II, James Sinclair*

2002 Heron, J. Pascal Anderson

2003 Sforzando, Blair Brown

2004 White Wings, Donald Tofias

2005 Rima, John Brim

2006 Rima, John Brim

2007 Moneypenny, Jim Swartz *

2008 Rosebud, Roger Sturgeon

2009 Rambler, George David

2010 Zaraffa, Ralph Grossman

2011 Vesper, Jim Swartz *

2012 Interlodge, Austin & Gwen Fragomen

2013 Rambler, George David2014 Sled, Takashi Okura2015 Foggy, Richard Cohen
2016 Vesper, Jim Swartz *2017 Spookie, Steve & Heidi Benjamin

2018 Aurora, Gus Carlson

  2019 Beau Geste, Karl Kwok 
   2020 Midtown Racing, Laurence Phillips
  2021Vesper, Jim Swartz 


Hobart A. H Cook Award
Naval, Coast Guard or Maritime Academy
Sailing Yacht with the Best Corrected Time

2008 Integrity, Thomas Oberdorf

2009 Swift, Beth Hudson

2010 Swift, Evan Berthold

2013 Defiance, Alexa Ciarolla2014 Dolphin, Tyler Martentien2015 Tenacious, Jackson Niketas
2016 Ranger, Kyle Plate2017 Wahoo, William Johnson 
2020 Vamp, Kenneth Luczynski
  2021 Wahoo, Katie Boyle 



2011 Ceilidh, Randy Stevens

2012 In Deep, Bob Warren

2013 Camelot, Robert Labdon

2014 Caneel Chip Hawkins2015 Breezing Up, Roy Catignani2016 Flying Cloud II, Gordon McNabb
2017 Iniki, Paul Stafford2018 Caneel, Chip Hawkins 

2011 Ceilidh, Randy Stevens

2012 In Deep, Bob Warren

2013 Camelot, Robert Labdon

2014 Caneel Chip Hawkins2015 Breezing Up, Roy Catignani2016 Flying Cloud II, Gordon McNabb
2017 Iniki, Paul Stafford2018 Caneel, Chip Hawkins