Visiting Yachtsman

The Edgartown Yacht Club is pleased to welcome yachtsmen from sister clubs which belong to U.S. Sailing and to offer them the use of the Club's facilities.

This courtesy is available for a maximum of three days per year, and only for those yachtsmen who cruise into Edgartown on board their yachts.

If visitors arrive on Island via public transport, a letter of introduction must be sent in advance of their visit. The Club regrets that it does not offer dockage, moorings or showers. Please contact the Edgartown Harbormaster for these services 508 627-4746.

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By clicking “submit” I am aware of the Town of Edgartown’s effort to keep the Town’s waters clean and pollution free. My vessel will not discharge wastes in Edgartown waters, will use the holding tank, and will use the town’s pump-out facilities if necessary.